What We Have to Offer

Our services are designed to help providers and practices be confident in the accuracy of their coding, maintain compliance, and achieve long-term success.

Training & Certification

Our training opportunities extend from those just starting out in the world of medical coding to the industry veterans that are now charged with compliance and auditing responsibilities. The demands of the healthcare industry are ever-changing and with so much to keep up on, it can all get very overwhelming very quickly. We work with providers to break down the three major components of evaluation and management visits, emphasizing the importance of each piece as they come together to uphold the standards of quality patient care.

Coding, Auditing & Compliance

From busy emergency rooms in major metropolitan areas to small-town critical access hospitals, all across our country there is a shared goal: keeping the doors open to the members of their communities. No matter the size of the facility, having certified employees who know their responsibilities and carry them out successfully can make the difference between life and death of a patient. The very foundation of quality care is set by ensuring that documentation supports the services rendered. We have worked with new employees in all these areas to help them be successful in their jobs and promote the success of the entity that they represent.

Mentorship Program

We believe in the ability to allow a person to succeed in the career of their choice. Many institutions believe in hiring only those that have a vast amount of experience and a track record of success. We believe that everyone deserves the ability to “start” to learn by being involved from the ground floor up. Our mentoring program allows coding, auditing, and compliance students the ability to work side by side with a senior coder/auditor or compliance professional so they have the best chance of learning from a mentor who shares their passion of learning. Sometimes what appears to be a lump of coal can be a diamond with the right process and handling. By being a model to others, encouraging growth and perseverance, we promote the success of tomorrows best employees. Faith is the belief of something for which we have no evidence but believe will come with time.

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We offer instructor led and remote training sessions.