Our Approach

Whether it’s with providers and practices or our own coders and auditors, we know it’s all about the common goal of creating understanding of the basic documentation principles that should always be a part of patient medical records. Compliance with these principles helps to strengthen the connection between high quality patient care as well as fair reimbursement for providers. Each contractor and employee of Coders Connection is committed to this goal because we believe that dedication and the willingness to improve are the building blocks of strong, successful practices and hospitals.

Passion & Integrity

These core values are the winning combination we put into everything we do.


We have experienced the challenges and know how to navigate the turns.


It's the people and the relationships we forge. We don't take it for granted.

susan thurston, clinical documentation improvement practitioner

Susan Thurston, MA.


Clinical Documentation Improvement Practitioner

Educators in any field, in any capacity, and with any hope of creating a lasting impact for their students have got to use the strongest tool in the box: passion. Sincere, true passion – for education, for the subjects they teach and most importantly, for the people they teach. As the heart and soul of Coders Connection, Susan Thurston looks out for the little guys AND the big guys. She combines her integrity, knowledge and yes – that passion – into every conversation, class and relationship. Coders, auditors, physicians, providers.  Connection. Pure and simple.  

With a start as a Licensed Practical Nurse at age 18, Susan has been in the healthcare industry for over 45 years, working alongside providers in clinics, hospitals and private offices. A physician advocate with a passion for quality patient care, Susan understands the challenges in today’s healthcare arena and has championed education as the best way to bridge the gap between providers and compliance. This dedication led Susan to complete her MA in Curriculum Design and to begin Coders Connection in 1997 – a consulting firm committed to everyone from physicians to practice managers to coders and auditors. Decades of travel and commitment have kept her busy all over the country so as a life-long cowgirl at heart, Susan’s latest journey has happily led her home to her ranch with husband Ron in the Colorado mountains. Relaxing on the porch under the shade of hundred year-old trees or heading out to the pasture with the grandkids to spend time with her two horses, Susan has been able to find a little calm in the chaos while she remains busy as ever as one of the nation’s leading compliance educators.

I am so pleased with the education that I have received from Susan Thurston! In a matter of 6 years, I have gone from a teller in a local bank, to working as a Clinical Provider Auditor Senior and Team Lead for a major payer. The opportunity to learn from someone like Susan, is truly a blessing. My career has changed my entire lifestyle. The financial gains are truly amazing. I am now making almost 4 times the salary that I previously made in the banking world. Susan is a caring and methodical coach that develops an individualized learning for her students. She is able to identify key issues in the learning process and work to assure that her students have a full comprehension of the subject matter.

Susan brings years of experience to her teaching and a working grasp on issues. I still count on her experience and “voice of reason” whenever I am stumped and need professional advice. I have witnessed her ability to teach anyone willing to learn and bring them up to speed. I highly recommend Susan and her trainings to anyone wanting to work in the Healthcare Industry as a coder/auditor!

Clinical Provider Auditor Senior & Team Lead

Susan Thurston is a national leader in lecturing and an expert instructor in medical coding. I have had the pleasure of knowing Susan since 2009. She is extremely supportive to health care providers like myself, a practicing physician and former physician leader for a large primary care medical group. Her services  have provided exceptional guidance to our medical group as we continue to face and meet the challenges of appropriate ICD 10 coding for our risk contracts and sustaining our revenues with proper E & M coding and continuous learning for the new codes and the ever changing CMS landscape. 


I'm already certified in two areas and on my way to two more certifications in the next couple of months. The hands-on training from Susan and Ron has been a huge help to me.